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We'll act as your chief accountant. Your responsibility is to gather all related documents and submit to us on a timely basis. 


We then deliver the following: (a) General Ledger, (b) Trial Balance, (c) Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement, and (d) Other requested reports on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your needs.

*Perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners generating steady revenue that requires very light monthly accounting*

Full-Service Accounting & Virtual CFO

We'll tailor our full-service accounting and virtual CFO services to meet your businesses unique needs.  Services generally include bookkeeping, financial reporting,  budgeting, developing financial strategy, financial forecast, and interpreting financial reports for essential business decisions.

*Ideal for businesses that generate 6-7 figures annual gross revenue and need an outsourced CFO to ensure that the financial needs of the business are met*

Tax Planning

We'll create a tax plan to effectively manage your financial situation to minimize your tax burden at the federal and state level for both the short and long-term. Tax planning is great to ensure the individual or business has enough withholdings to avoid tax estimate underpayment penalties

*Everyone can benefit from tax planning; however, this is ideal for independent contractors and other self-employed individuals, high net worth individuals, and businesses*

Tax Preparation

We offer professional tax preparation for individuals and small businesses. 2020 Individual Tax Return Preparation starts at $100.

Back Taxes: If you failed to file or failed to pay in full for any tax year, you may owe the IRS in fees, penalties, and more. We can help minimize the financial burden and assure the best outcome for all our clients by working with the IRS on your behalf to set up a manageable payment schedule.

*Everyone can benefit from professional tax preparation; however, this is ideal for independent contractors and other self-employed individuals, individuals with multiple sources of income, individuals itemizing deductions, and businesses*

Payroll Administration

We will be responsible for the preparation of your payroll, which includes computation of employer payroll taxes, withholding income tax, preparation of pay stubs, and reporting and filing all necessary payroll information and tax documents. 

Business Formation

We will advise you on which form of business entity you should register such as an LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc. Each form of business has advantages and disadvantages that you should know. Once you decide which form of business entity you would like to register, we will prepare and process all relevant government forms.


 Financial Consulting

We will assist you in making a business plan or budget to be used as a guideline for running your business and/or managing your finances. We can start from scratch, or assess your current business operations to see how we can increase efficiency and manage costs.

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